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Practical Compassion

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About A Deep Humanity and Elana Hernon

This site is about a new process and I call it a Quantum Psychology and one of the primary tools I use I call Whiteboard Work, or Accipio.

Very simply put people want happiness and a meaningful life. At the core of this is our well being. Well being is on a continuum from states such as depression, anxiety and mental health issues through to peace and compassion where you will find enlightened people such as the Buddha and Christ.

These look like unrelated topics but they are not. Logical perception and heart perception come together and form a single vision. Our well being and health are found as a relationship within this connection.  This site reflects those topics on that continuum. The 4 main areas are Mental Health, Personal Development, Spiritual Development and lastly, Personal Story.

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Articles & Publications

Various articles from Curated Content (Flipboard) to articles from Elana on and videos on Youtube.


A Deep Humanity Magazine on Flipboard is a collection of interesting articles I found on the internet by various writers. The articles are across a wide range of topics from issues of slavery, the impact of corporations on our lives to trauma and health issues. We are all deeply human. It is important to know that, to see it and not forget who we are.

  There are two publications on Medium.

  • Sane:Grassroots and Real
  • Jesus: A Second Look at Traditional Teachings and other spiritual articles.


We have a series of videos following Laura Montes through live sessions using some alignment techniques to resolve anxiety from traumas. This was done live with Elana Hernon holding the sessions.

Curated Content in A Deep Humanity Flipboard

The Joy Audit

“We have to look at emotional health as a skill, not a destination. And, as with any skill, when you practise, you do better.”

Meet Maggie

“When the kids were sick all the time, I said, “we need a clinic and a prevention plan.” When they came to school hungry and would be begging on the streets for food, we created a nutrition plan..”

Raising Children the Inuit Way

“Today many American parents outsource their oral storytelling to screens. And in doing so, I wonder if we’re missing out on an easy — and effective — way of disciplining and changing behavior. Could small children be somehow “wired” to learn through stories?”

Understanding Compassion
Quotes and Articles on Compassion

Practical Compassion

 “…We do not need to become religious, nor do we need to believe in an ideology. All that is necessary is for each of us to develop our good human qualities.

I try to treat whoever I meet as an old friend. This gives me a genuine feeling of happiness. It is the practice of compassion…”

Quoted from

Thupten Jinpa

Translator for the Dalai Lama. To read more about who he is click the button below.

Practical Compassion

Compassion is a way of being. It is also a type of relationship we have with what is around us. It includes.

Elana Hernon


Currently we have 4 topics on our website. You can choose to see the blog posts based on these categories.

Spirituality: Living a heart felt life where aligning values with how you live your life through traditional and non-traditional means.

Mental Health: Searching for mental wholeness, it is an aspect of spirituality where conflicts are resolved bringing inner peace and healing.

Identity: This category is about the self, from questions about what is the ego, to how commercialism shapes who we are, to psychology and more. This is where you will find it.

Story: The stories you read, the stories your children love you to read to them, the movies you love… they all are telling you what you can and cannot do, what you will and will not become. The story you believe will become your life. Its fascinating.

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