What is wealth a measure of?

People look to the rich, the royals and famous people for direction in their lives, and why not? It is sold to us as an answer in high-end stores, entertainment and in the self-help field. It has become a measure or a standard in our lives. But what then of our inner lives?

It must be the street person, the poor and lost who reflect what is happening inwardly. We honor what is important to us in our physical lives by our actions and where we spend our time and money. What is not in our lives has been forgotten and pushed away. It takes second place if it has a place at all.

When we can bring together what is outside with what is inside, we will find our purpose and meaning in life. Countries who do the same will also find greatness, destiny, and be creators of wealth. It is the path to peace in this world. None are shut out. None are forgotten.

Spiritual Living

Our articles include General Spirituality, A New look at Christianity, and tools we have found useful in pursuing a spiritual life.

Heroes Without Capes

This section is inspired by Gabriel Jesus. It was his article in The Player’s Tribune that was titled Heroes without Capes and the culture that he comes from as it seems to me, recognizes and gives honor to people who build people up, often unrecognized and without thought of compensation. Languages only name something they see. so this section will be for people who have incredible courage and bring their lives forward to bring change into our world. I wish to honor these people the way Gabriel does.

Elana's Work

Everyone has stories and mine begins with a dysfunctional family. Who doesn’t have one or strange relatives in the family tree? It just about took me out and I fell upon a way to heal myself when PTSD was something that was for war veterans only. Did I discover it or was I inspired? All I can tell you is that I have an understanding of pattern and years of personal work into psychology, family, social structures and language (loosely semiotics). I am bringing it forward that if it helps others then it has served a purpose.