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Our Mission

Our mission is to remove unnecessary suffering, to empower individuals, to help people find autonomy in their lives and ultimately to be freer and happier.

Our Direction

To bring attention to people and ideas that are moving forward – that are true leaders. To consider underlying causes of some of the issues we have today in the spirit of our core humanity, a humanity that is common to us all.



Flipboard Magazine

A Deep Humanity Magazine on Flipboard is a collection of interesting articles I found on the internet by various writers. We all experience some fashion of disregard in our lives in the world today and by identifying it we can bring it way out in the open where ultimately we can do something about it. The articles are across a wide range of topics from issues of slavery, the impact of corporations on our lives to trauma and health issues, and how we become objectified by how our world runs today. We are all deeply human. It is important to know that, to see it and not forget who we are.


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