Elana's Work


What I require from you:

This work is exceptionally effective. I require you to give 100% of your effort and attention.It is not acceptable to me if you are not prepared unless there are extenuating circumstances and you have spoken to me about it. If you are not ready you may sit in the circle but I will not be working with you that week.

  1. Homework is assigned each week
  2. Write everything down
  3. Have your work book every week


Circle Etiquette:

  1. Avoid “telling” others what they should do, need to do, issues etc.
  2. You might see someone’s issues, but that does not mean they can see it.
  3. Be kind!
  4. Always give all insights and information with love.
    1. As this is a work circle, issues will come up for you and for others as well. It is important not to judge yourself or others. This circle structure creates an environment where interactions can be seen at as mirror-looking. This is very important, as it will give you the understanding from both sides of an interaction, and support you moving forward past misunderstandings and confusions.

It is part of ‘society’ and society mind that we compare ourselves to someone else to see how we are doing. This aspect of social mind, an aspect of the editor, will so completely destroy what you are creating, that it prevents you from walking through the door to greater things. This is true not only for this work in spirituality, but all endeavors of life. The open atmosphere where people are allowing of each other, knowing that everyone is learning and ‘mistakes’ are OK, creates a powerful environment for growth. I have said ‘mistakes’ within quotations, because as we go into this work in greater detail, mistakes are only places where you are currently learning. It is your place of unknowing and that makes it your place of greatest spiritual evolvement too. There are no mistakes in this work. You are learning. That is all, and that is very great!

I look forward to working with you. Circles are usually a lot of fun. Not only are these circles insightful,  they create a lot of high energy, excitement for new manifestations and you would find yourself becoming quite passionate about your work you are doing. I honor you and your efforts.

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