Spiritual Thought

Rooted in Humanity

If you want to be a teacher then what you say must be relevant to the people you are teaching. You must be relevant also. If for example, someone were here from the 18th century and wanted to teach woodcutting, only those people who were interested in back country living or historians perhaps would find that interesting.

If you are speaking from the clothing of your issues, then only those who have similar issues would relate. It is only when you connect to your deepest humanity that you then have relevance to all people. If you give up the front and become human then you have something in common with the whole world. Humanity is universal.

The Buddha could became the Buddha because he embraced his humanity first.

It is one of the reasons the water lily is a flower representing enlightenment. Its roots are in the mud and in the same way you will see the flowering of your divinity when you are rooted in your humanity.

Elana Hernon

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