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I have seen what trauma does to people. It robs you of your friends, your life and your future. Many people say someone is 'mentally ill' to mean there is something internally flawed with that person. It's like a bad gene. But I believe we do this as a people because we fear what we do not understand. Is breaking a leg an 'illness'? No. We say, "They have a broken leg." I do not understand many things about what trauma does to the minds and hearts of people but I know it can be healed. We need to get past our fears. I know that trauma isolates and shuns. Those that have these experiences are often hidden and silent against the wall of judgement and condemnation.

I want to be a part of a future where trauma is not an illness, but something healed.

Elana Hernon

How a curse became a blessing:

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Quoted from Brian Campbell CBS Sports Insider

That's when Espinoza stopped in his tracks.

"I realized that my [trepidation] added to the urge of what he's battling against and the stigma that he speaks about very eloquently," Espinoza said. "By comparison, if he had delivered to us a documentary about his lifelong battle with cancer or diabetes or any other ailment virtually other than mental illness, I certainly wouldn't have called him and said, 'Maybe you should pull back on the hospital footage or the cancer treatment footage.'

"What that says to me is that there are unconscious ways that we stigmatize the illness. I consider myself a fairly sympathetic person and hopefully a sympathetic boss, and I was unwittingly playing into that stigma."

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