Spiritual Thought

Climbing the Mountain

When you call out to the greater in you and your passion is fierce and strong, that passion or yearning takes you on a trip up a mountain. It looks outside of you as you go to school, take a new job, or develop a career for instance. You think of it as your life. As you walk that path with the fierceness within you, the very force of your passion teaches you.

Think about climbing a mountain and that by climbing how you become fit and your muscles gain strength. The higher you go, the more fit you become. And soon you plant a flag at its peak and say’ “I did it!”

It is not that you have conquered the mountain. You did not possess it. you have not conquered the mountain. You did not possess it. The strength of the mountain is now deep within your bones and within the fitness of your muscles. It is not a possession. It is surrender. You have released yourself into it.

You realize along the journey that those things in your life you endeavored so hard to understand and gain mastery over was really a blending of yourself with what you wished to master. You no longer hold yourself apart from life. And in this realization, is the understanding that there never was anywhere to go, and nothing to do. It is your life. You are the mountain. You are the passion. How long it takes for you to get to the top of your mountain or to say in another way, to master your craft, is the time it takes for you to realize your passion!

When the recognition of your path is with you then you will say "I understand…I am, because the mountain is in me, in my bones."


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