Book of Life

From the Book of Life

My book is life and the words are the people. Each who comes into my life adds colour to my understanding, adds another word to my vocabulary. My d

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Two Kingdoms

The two kingdoms

Two Paths  Jesus teachings were about the way of heaven and God. I see it as the teachings of spirit which is known to us by the heart. Only

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Second Look

A larger context

Introduction More and more as I work with people who come from Christian backgrounds I find they have a conflict with the organization of Christianit

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A Word Called Courage

Image by Alexas_Fotos @ Pixabay.comI had been dozing one afternoon, lying on the bed having a dream. An Angel was holding my feet. I felt stra

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A Tree in the Forest

I am a tree in the forest And the people said “Are you writing about the tree or the forest?”I am the forest.You are a tree in the forest And y

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