Heroes Without Capes

Heroes without capes


Call Your Momma

Over a year ago I read an article "Call Your Momma" by Gabriel Jesus in the Players' Tribune. It was deeply motivating to me because you can find people who make a difference in the world everywhere. In his article, he talks about sayings in Brazil such as “Heróis sem capes" which he translates into "Heroes Without Capes"


Children have such hope and fierce dreams. Even with setbacks, a child sees hope. We can learn a lot from that. So there are people “Heróis sem capes”, who hold the torch of positivity and demonstrate active compassion.


The teams shared. This is so powerful because it is together we win. I have several links to the original article and highly recommend it for great readling!

Elana Hernon

They gave us a chance in life

"And that’s really what he was for so many kids. Mamede and the other coaches … they gave us a chance in life"

Quoted from Gabriel Jesus

But...what can I say?

“But … what can I say? When I have the ball at my feet, I’m in a different world. So I got the ball again, and I did a no-look dummy pass to my teammate for a goal. …The crowd was going crazy.”

Gabriel Jesus. To View the original article click below.

I have seen what he is talking about. When we are in our passion we are in a different world. The Zen of Long Distance Running. The Zone.  It is the place where things line up and you just know.

There are some interesting articles on the web if you would like to follow more of Jesus Gabriel's story. Manchester City has an article posted by Rob Pollard.  . Link Here

Here is a documentary also


I'll never forget one moment!

Marcello Zambrana/AGIF via AP (image above)


“We have an expression in Brazil, and it’s the only way to describe what happened to me. My life turned from water into wine.”Gabriel Jesus.

I would say he is living a life on fire. But when we are living in our passion, life does turn around. Passion is contagious in the very best ways.


He says “When I pick up the phone, it is in honor of my mother and our struggle. But it is also in honor of my friends and family and Coach Mamede and everyone in Brazil who helped me get here.”

It is about sharing with those who got you there. It is a giving of respect. Great souls can do this. He is a Hero Without a Cape. Miracles can happen, do happen. You can see miracles when you have them in your heart.


He gives advice. “Seriously, your life might be mortadella sandwiches and soda right now. But if you keep running after your dreams … man, who knows what can happen?”Gariel Jesus.

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