Being Simply Free

I had an epiphany last week. I realized that the problems people have are from the loss of self. I can see if the value is external then that area will have loss of life or strength over time. It becomes crippling.

I remember a young woman some thirty years ago who told me her importance was in being able to bear children. That was the only value she saw she had in the world. People place their value in their partners, their homes, money, and work. These are common places where we have given away a measure of our value. Reversing this is empowering and, in turn, leads to deep freedom. In the movie The Matrix, Morpheus says to Neo something along the lines of "It is like a sliver in the mind." It was the same kind of feeling for me. I knew I was not free. I wanted it... freedom.
I could never put it down.

I can see the patterns, the similarities between physical slavery and the slavery of the mind. We think because we can buy products, or choose to buy one product over another, that we are free. We think this is a liberty, but true liberty does not require money, because money itself is a purchased commodity.

Ours is a culture of commerce. We buy and sell everything. For western thinking culture, it is obvious it is about ownership. Being that ownership is about possession, we try to possess many things.

• What is the value of trees in a forest? Or are they lumber?
• What is the value of an idea? Or is it intellectual property?
• Are you a person or are you human resource?

As a culture, we have tried to tap the source of wealth and to divert the value. We might think this, is only applicable to corporations, but because we live in this culture commerce is all around us. It saturates our minds. We trade time for money and money for things we want. We compromise. We compromise all the time. We give away our items of value most of the time, for safety, from fear, and we tie it in with pleasure.

People in sales try to lure you in by talking about the benefit to you, such as sleeping well at night because you feel safe. It would be eminently freeing to see the sales pitch in our lives. It is not clear to many of us how deeply this affects us. It extends even to the partners we choose, the places we live, the careers we go into, all because we try to buy our way to freedom.

We try to buy back our value. We cannot buy our value any more than to buy fresh air in the morning or the smell of ocean surf.

But beyond trying to buy value, I can see we trade our good stuff (high value) for something outside ourselves (a lesser value). Doing this will create a loss of life or strength over time. If I am right, then all the problems we have are from a loss of self. We are engaging in discounting the self.

Those things that empower us are a self-ownership (having full rights and possession of everything you are). To be self-owned is to be free. You cannot be free if your value is anywhere other than in yourself.

Where did we lose our value? It is the place of the first betrayal of our hearts (dreams).

This is a very deep and impacting understanding for me, as I have been looking at the ideas of freedom and loss of freedom, the understanding of slavery, addiction and loss of empowerment for many years. I am very excited! I found the gold! Now I need to live my understanding!

One thought on “Being Simply Free

  • January 25, 2018 at 8:05 pm

    I absolutely love this, this is a brilliant teaching that allows us to see the depth of ourselves amongst the machine and how we betray ourselves to belong to it. Put together so beautifully for everyone to benefit from, thank you for sharing your spiritual gifts.
    I look forward to your future posts!


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