The Birthplace of New Thinking


It starts with a question. It always does. My discovery began with a question too, and a need to heal a deep trauma. The path I took is best summed up by an understanding I had, that each footstep we take in life, is a word of our prayer, that we are the prayer. We are the blessing in other’s lives.

Newtonian science talks about the physical world around us and then you have the new quantum physics that upended what we knew about science. In the same manner the new psychology will upend the existing psychology, not because it overrides it, but because it underpins it instead.

To say this in a simple way, it’s not the psychology you teach, it is the psychology you are.

But before I get into the explanation of this psychology which bends your mind a bit, I would rather share with you my story and how I found this new understanding, a quantum psychology and how I healed myself. As I say this, I want you to know I have no degrees.



The Beginning was a Story & the Birthplace of New Thinking

The first psychology book I read having a profound impact on me was “Drama of the Gifted Child” by Alice Miller. I was 20 something and trying to sort my life out. It was on shelves in local bookstores and beginning to find its way into the layman’s’ world. It was the understanding co-dependency.

But I should start at an earlier time in my life. I had always had a deep interest in stories: fables, fairy stories, and cultural mythology. I loved them all. I had also wanted to study a cross between sociology and psychology in university. At the time they told me there was no such thing and these two departments did not see eye to eye. I imagine there may have been something in the US but I did not have access to information about these disciplines and the internet was not yet born. How the internet transformed my life! The very first time I was able to log into the internet! … that is another story… I digress.

But before the internet was born I did not have access to psychology in the same way. I was living in South Africa, Port Elizabeth to be exact and I relied on books. I had come upon the Main Library there. OMG. It was something out of Harry Potter to my young mind. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis! I remember looking down out the tallest of windows to the street far below. Narrow twisting staircases behind me, lead upward to yet more books that were bound in leather and cloth, dust-covered and musty smelling and old. There is something inspired and enchanting about old books on shelves, something out of Harry Potter and his Wizarding world. But these are symbols that speak to a deep part of the mind which I will explain shortly.


(Above) A story as Code. Here is a diagram of the Lion King and how each of the characters represents an aspect of our inner psyche. It is also our psyche structure. The story of Simba as the hero, also shows us when we have touched betrayal, how to find the way back home (healing).

i have a gift. I see patterns. But I needed a form, a structure, to label and understand the patterns I was seeing. I wanted to link the patterns together creating structures of thought and concept. That form is like a language of sorts. It is a language of extended metaphor, of a kind of internal allegory.

Language is something we use so effortlessly. How long did it take to create an alphabet, then words? And all the information we have today. It is its own entity really. It stands on its own, bridged together with thoughts and ideas. Each type of information set are like languages with their own nuances, dance, and song. It is culture and it is alive. I did not understand what I was doing back then building a way to think about things.

I was deeply interested in spirituality and had read stories in the Bhagavad-Gita. I grew up around a hippie type subculture; and there were pictures of the blue gods of Hinduism, incense in the streets and Hari Krishna followers dancing and singing barefoot, wearing their saffron robes.

I started seeing the trinity of religion echoed in many cultures. If I read something about Jesus and did not understand a context, I could find the missing pieces in another culture. Without realizing it, I was using Story in an algebraic fashion. Once I started on this path, I began systematically searching for stories to line up, for patterns that I could link together and find a deeper meaning to life and soul.

It was a rich world I lived in. I was touched by African song and spirituality. The sonorous call of evening prayers of the Muslim faith would ring out over the valleys at dusk.

In a world where art was lived, I started having mystical experiences. Everything was alive it is no surprise that life took a path in me to find glorious new ways of seeing and knowing, because in passion, in love, in creativity, art, and culture, the spiritual yearning for expression finds a form.

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