A Quantum Psychology and the Bridge


(Above: The bridge between minds (skeeze on Pixabay)



The Bridge Between the Two Halves of the Brain

From my experience bringing the infinite and finite together in my own equation gave me a deeper understanding, like two eyes giving rise to depth perception.

We have the ability to feel what someone else experiences as if it was happening to us. The part of the brain that allows for mystical experiences also puts us in touch with everyone else. It removes boundaries.

I saw patterns in Story that further led me to find an underlying foundation. That foundation was multi-faceted, like a mountain with many sides, like a crystalline structure, a type of code if you will. That structure exists in a confluence between two places. The koan I solved pointed to the confluence. Here, each idea or relationship can have multiple expressions. Depending on where you stand in regard to this structure, you would see different things like life and story, science and math, mysticism, astrology, and so on all saying the same thing. These are multiple expressions.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor below gives an excellent talk about the experience she had with the mystical brain and the removal of barriers. Please watch this video as it will give you a very good understanding of the experience of the two halves of the brain. 


Emotions have the quality of being like a GPS system, whereas memory uses celestial navigation to find the way. The problem with celestial navigation is that you need to have most of the stars in place. Missing stars, missing memories, make navigation more difficult. Hence our regular memory is often faulty. GPS less so.

On the surface, psychology is like Newtonian science. It focuses on what is physical and known. The deeper perspective is a quantum perspective and affords an understanding of the relationships of the human psyche (codes). A series of specific relationships in turn are related to still other elements to create larger patterns. The relationship in a specific code is fixed, in the same way two lines of a square are fixed, being ninety degrees. It becomes a geometric pattern. It is from here, like a DNA/RNA pattern that our unique set of genetic makeup is built. Our psyche is then built on that or from that genetic make up. This is our own unique relationship between mind and heart which is the character you know yourself to be. When something goes amiss, it is in the quantum layer of psychology that you can find healing that repairs our genetic code of the mind/heart structures. Trauma blocks the proper functioning of the codes and prevents healing.


To use a story, two friends in a combat zone are together until a bomb goes off and one friend is killed and the other ends up with acute trauma. Typically we would say the trauma is caused by seeing his friend die in a horrific manner. He is suffering grief. Therapy would be centered on dealing with grief, coping with anxiety and finding ways to move forward.

But through questions like what is the pain, what is the suffering, what about your friend do you miss, did you see him when he was dying, what are you feeling, can you tell me about that loss, and similar questions, you can find out what the perspective was at the time of trauma and be able to identify what was really happening for that person.

And then it hits him. His friend through eye contact shared how much love there was. There was an acknowledgment, a goodbye. It was the connection that was lost. As the bomb went off it tore him from the connection. The bomb itself caused the trauma, not the loss of his friend. In fact, that he had the experience with his friend had been powerful and transforming.


Trauma tears a hole in the structure of our mind.

His trauma was caused by being ripped from the connection and caused by the bomb. Once the loss has been recovered, through understanding, in this case, recovering the loss of the friendship. The experience was discovered by following the feelings. Now the structure of the mind repairs itself.

Going back to Story, what I first saw was the relationship of the characters in a story. Those relationships imply morals. What I saw was that moral is created out of perception and perspective. The structure which is identified in the integration of the left and right halves of the brain is a code out of which our meaning of life arises and the source from where healing can occur.

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