The Power of Creation Steps into your Life


I had an experience that has stayed with me my entire life. I lived near the ocean and loved to spend hours wandering the beach. One day I ran across some rocks on the beach jumping from one high rock to the next. Some beach rocks can be very jagged and sharp as were these, and I ran effortlessly, as fast as the people were running across the beach. I sailed across the rocks or so it felt. I was floating, never doubting for one minute I could do this and not fall. No jump was too high or too far.

Tide-pools, filled with rock bollies and other little fishes, sea urchins and starfish were nestled between the sharp rocky outcrops.

I remember the salty air, the biting of the rocks under my bare feet, the smell of seaweed and the breeze against my skin. I was never so alive!

To live like this again! I dream about it all the time!

I recognize now this experience more than just an experience. It is a symbology. Everyone is given a spiritual moment unique to each of us, a special experience similar to the one I had. It is a moment we never forget. This moment is the ‘reason’ we are here and what we are to accomplish. It is like a vision, or a profound moment of understanding we learn to embrace and embody.

The physical part of my experience is deep within my memory. I want to live near a beach. Even though I know I can live anywhere and still be within that spiritual reality, I find I am very drawn to the physical experience of this and am resistant to embodying the spiritual principles. Do I have to give up the beach? Of course not! But the heart and mind of a person is a funny thing.


We live a great dream and call it our life.

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My life could be dancing across rocks. I could live this way, moment by moment. There was such amazing power, such an amazing feeling when I was running across the rocks. I would have to describe it as passion. It is a passion of the soul, something that lifts you up like a kite on the wind, a kind of exhilaration, as if the power of creation steps into your life and into your body, and dances with you. I have had the experience of living this way, without thought, without worry and doubt (without my endlessly chattering mind!) and being in the flow, dancing through life, effortlessly moving through all that comes my way.


I’ve seen it. I’ve touched on it. I know the way it moves. Yet I hold back. I am afraid to let go of the ground. I am afraid to be more than I am. It is as if this would so change how I view myself that I am hesitant to take the hand of the Greater and just be, just let go, just dance. I am afraid of being judged. I am afraid of being free.


I read a wonderful forward in Clive Barker’s book, “The Great and Secret Show”. He says this:

Memory, prophecy, and fantasy—
The past, the future, and
The dreaming moment between—
Are all in one country,
Living one immortal day.

To know that is Wisdom.

To use it is the Art.

Good Reads


To know they are all one thing is very powerful and is a wisdom. But for those who can live it, he called it ‘The Art'. This amazing forward is a complete summary of the vision a saint or great teacher lives within. Walking this wisdom and learning to make it your personal art, makes it your personal reality.

To be inspired by a great vision gives you a sense of purpose, of homecoming. Yet the inspiration, any inspiration needs to be lived to make it yours, your truth.

We live a great dream and call it our life.


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