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God at the Supper Table. My Wish for You.

My Wish for You

It is not ‘God’ out there, but God at the supper table.



Of course, there are things that I know well, but for any who walk the spiritual path we come to places where we have reached the top of a mountain and in that moment we see all the other mountains in that area and where the mountain range extends to. In those moments you have such a vast understanding of things! However, it still needs to be lived! Even for myself when I go down the other side of the mountain into a different valley and you were to ask me then what I knew so clearly just a short time ago, it would most likely be hazy for me. This is true for everyone.


In all spiritual traditions, there is the teaching and there is also the promise of help for your walk.

The helpers have many names: The Holy Spirit, Angels, Guides, the promises from the Jade Palace to help, and the many helpers from earth-based traditions. Reach out to these helpers as they are as real as you and I are in whatever your tradition is. Invite them for dinner one night. Put a place setting out for them, and a glass of wine, or tea.

God at the Supper Table

Invite them into your home, your hearts, and your lives.  They walk with you your whole life and know you in ways few people do. It is not ‘God’ out there, but God at the supper table. It is not prayer and supplication when they are used in such a way that separates you from your experience of the divine. Do not pray that prayer becomes your cage, your limitation. Seek to know the heart of God. Pray from the heart of God, from an open heart. My deepest wish for you, for everyone is that those things of heaven can open before your gaze and to know the wonder in your heart, of those things sacred and divine.



God at the Supper Table

Image by Engin_Akyurt @ Pixabay

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