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Letting Go


I was attached to old ways of doing things. I was attached to my tools.

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Where does the unlearning begin? Well imagine you have built a house and you did it from what you saw someone do once. You listened to people whom you thought knew what they were doing. But you find out your roof leaks and now the floor is not even. The door is crooked and won’t close properly. Some special people want to come into your house, but you feel ashamed. You know they live in palaces and mansions. You know they will see all these things. So you decide you will come out. You will not invite them inside. You feel defensive about your roof. You did the best you could but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Deep inside you question yourself. Is there something wrong with you? You don’t want them to know you think these things. In fact, you are a little afraid.

(Above: Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay) My roof leaks and the floor is not even.

I had a dream. I was holding onto some tools. The Angels took my hands and opened them up. They wanted to take these tools and give me some new ones, different ones. They told me I was attached to old ways of doing things. I was attached to my tools. They told me there are many ways to build a house.

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