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It’s not that I don’t have fear

Northern Ways

(Top: Image by nile on Pixabay Above: Photo by Fabrizio Conti on Unsplash)

Life is not easy for anyone.

I have done many things in my life and my life has not always been easy. I don’t think life, in general, is easy, not for anyone! Yet when I choose to go down a difficult path it always amazes me how many people think it must be easier for me, that somehow by doing a difficult thing had to be less challenging for me than for someone else.

It is not that the fear is less. It just becomes less important than something else.

Mark Soren says “It comes down to what is more important. Fear doesn’t do anything. It won’t bankrupt you. It won’t kill you. It is an indicator light that you have a discomfort. For a soldier who is charging a machine gun, it is not the fear that kills him. It would be the bullets.”


A wonderful illustration is to imagine a cold blizzardy evening. It is dark and bleak.

There is a woman who lives in a little cabin near the edge of the woods with her children. That one particular day a child of hers becomes gravely ill. By nightfall, it looks like the child may not make it through to the morning. She wraps herself in blankets and shawls. It is everything she has. She picks up her child and wraps him tightly in bedding and holds him close to her chest to keep him warm and safe making sure the blankets around her are sure to cover him too.

The cabin door blasts open with the wind and with great effort she pulls the door closed against the storm. Turning around she leans heavily into the wind and walks through the deep snow. Her thin boots become soggy with water, her feet going numb in the frozen cold.

She will make it to the village doctor. She will. It is her child.

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