Spiritual Thought

Taking Your Dream to the High Seas


Will you keep this boat in the harbour?

If you think about making a magnificent boat, and you create great sails, and a sturdy deck, will you keep this boat in the harbour? Or will you say, “Lets test it out on the lake, and later we will take it onto the ocean.” And once you have it out on the great seas of life, wouldn’t you want to improve things that are not as functional as needed? And wouldn’t you improve the ship and create even greater decks and sails?

Think about a 14 year old boy. Isn’t the greatest excitement to test it out? And go on that adventure?


What boy likes to play it safe and stay in the harbour?


Truth be known they are willing to risk it even though the deck is barely finished! Dare it! Dream it! Be courageous and live with every ounce of your being. Live a glorious life, a tribute to your spiritual self!


Top image by Tommy_Rau @ Pixabay.com

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