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Life is the value, but we place our value in money instead

After years of confusion about the nature of money, I just realized it is a language!

Money is not value.

I realized something today. Money is a language, like English or science. I used to look at dollar bills and coin and always be confused. Money is a language of value. Physical money is not the value any more than a written word ‘book’ is an actual book. It is a stand-in.

Money is a stand-in for value. The actual value is within the self and is intrinsic. Confusion occurs when we receive money as a value for something we have done and we believe it says something about us.

If I was to write the word money on a piece of paper and I did this all day long and had thousands of pieces of paper with the word money, does that make me any richer?

Money is a picture on a piece of paper and if you were to collect them you would have a ton of paper but where is the value?

Value is within the relationships, within our experiences. We trade our life for pictures and call it value.

You need to have all four aspects in you to be whole. Without spring, the flowers do not come forth. Without summer, there is no time for growing your passion. Without autumn, you never achieve your dreams, and without winter, there is no time to dream new dreams.

Inner Treasures

(Image by 6689062 on Pixabay)


Money is a stand in for value.

We interpret what will be exchanged and determine the value.


I used to think money had a value and things were bought and sold within that value. I see that when we understand we are the value then the exchange is relative to what we have and how we feel about what we have. Recently I offered to help build a kitchen with cabinetry, sinks, flooring etc. I was offering it as a trade for ease and time. I was not interested in building kitchens as work or employment. My measurement was different. If I was trying to build a business I would charge rates to reflect that. I would charge more because I valued my time and was not interested in doing this as work.


What are we interpreting as value?

(Top: Image by TheDigitalArtiston Pixabay Above: Photo by geralt on Pixabay)

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