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The two kingdoms

Two Kingdoms

Two Paths


Jesus teachings were about the way of heaven and God. I see it as the teachings of spirit which is known to us by the heart. Only the heart understands a dew drop on a flower petal, or knows the rain as it falls onto the ground. The heart knows the ways and mysteries of heaven. His teachings were of the spirit.

Going under that understanding, in Mathew 6:19-32,  Jesus talks about  two paths, one being the way we live in the world - common to most of us, and the other he called ' the way of heaven' or the ' Kingdom of Heaven'. King James Passage

Jesus talks about these two paths as 2 Kingdoms each with their own masters or rulers.

He uses this process in many other instances such as talking about living waters to make it distinct and different from regular water, the living word as opposed to ordinary words, being living among men as opposed to seeing people as being dead (Let the dead bury the dead.) The living truth, and so on. So this talk about the two ways means something along the following:

One is the way of fear and the other way is love. What you are concerned about will be your primary focus. Your primary focus is what you serve, in other words, it occupies your mind most of the time. Jesus taught that on a very deep level, the way of the world is based on an idea that power lies outside the self and because of that, you have to cater to situations outside of yourself to be safe. You are then a victim to these situations. This results in fear. In order to deal with fear we then devise strategies to try to control and manipulate things in our favor. If we think this way, follow this type of notion, then our focus is survival based and links to the three temptations Jesus faced in the wilderness. (Those are for another writing someday). We use fame, power over others and work to gain a foothold to try to change our life experience. We try by this means to secure survival and a good life. If you are concerned about a roof over your head, or the need for money, then on a level it means that you believe the world has a greater power than god (power inside the self or love) and that it is by your own hand that you do well in the world. This is true for a lot of people.

Jesus indicates that when you knew the ways and laws of heaven, then this way of personal toil, was no longer true. If you believe in the power of the world to hurt you then your power is placed outside yourself, in the world. If for you, power lies outside the self, you serve the world and is your master then and you do the bidding of the world to keep yourself safe and were held by the toil of your own hands. If you knew of these other laws, then you would be able to live in a different way.

He further said "If you are ruled by fear then your eye is dark and you are living within the darkness". When you have learned of the ways of heaven, and are applying those truths, then your heart follows what is of heaven, you are aligned, and your body, and thus your life is also illumined. In other words, living without fear puts one in a state of illumination or education.


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