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From the Book of Life

Book of Life

Life whispers its secrets to me and unveils her face before my eyes. She shows me the meaning of sorrow and death

My book is life and the words are the people. Each who comes into my
life adds colour to my understanding, adds another word to my
vocabulary. My dictionary is all the stories people share with me of their
lives and times. And so my life is enriched each day. My words are living
words for they comprise life and for each word that I have spoken, is a
soul I knew, a song I heard, and all the people are the life I know.

You will know love.

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Life whispers its secrets to me and unveils her face before my eyes. She shows me the meaning of sorrow and death. She tells me of hopes and joys, for these are all part of her song of which you are the word she speaks to me in. All the melodies strung together are all the souls I have met and the souls I have yet to meet, and all the souls I know only from their spirits as they call to me over the lands and waters for their song too is whispered on the winds. I open my heart to you which none other than the hearts of people everywhere. My song is the song of every person. My words are but things you have taught me, people of the earth. What things I may say are the things I have seen behind the veil of misconstrued meaning and misunderstanding.

I hear your meaning. I know your fears. I see your distress. These are the words upon my page. I am like the book of life upon which you write your words, your songs, your hopes and dreams. I read them. You wrote them. I speak of what you already know but cannot see because you do not know what you wrote. I cannot tell you more than what you have told me in your secret thoughts and hidden dreams. You are my teachers. You are life. You are also books where in I find the things you wish to tell me.

Being that we are words in the book of life, only look into the heart of another and you will see your truth mirrored there, for the book is none other than the heart of God, of which your heart is a portion. To know your name, is to know your word and then, the book of life will step forward from among those around you and you will know the things of the hidden mysteries.

You will know love.

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