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A Deep Humanity and Elana


What this site is about

At the root of being human is what people call spirituality. Spirituality is not religion. When everything is aligned then we are happy. Being aligned and feelings are on a continuum. Where most of us like to be is in the middle. Happy. To the far end of spiritual awareness are where Buddhas and Christs are. On the other end we are misaligned. Misalignment  gives rise to mental and emotional issues.

All these states are on the continuum of well being from being sad and alone to enlightened self awareness.

This site is about our humanity. So we would like to create community, to bring a greater well being to those who have need, and to have articles of interest that expand our awareness. It is also about  story and the meaning of our lives. There will be free downloadable information as well as prerecorded video in both paid for and free content.

Picture above: Photo by Matt Antonioli on Unsplash

Who I am

In short I am a collection of skills. Those skills have lead to my perspective which in turn allows me to have further insights into things.


Because I can see both where a person is and where they want to go I am as a result able to see what blocks that direction and what needs to be done. Through helping people shift their perspective I am able to help people transform their lives.

(Image Above: Image by 【微博/微信】愚木混株 【Instagram】cdd20 from Pixabay)

I interpret story

Everyone has relationships and the kind of relationships tell me the kind of life you live and why. I see the sun, the tree and the shadow. Those relationships are your story. There are hidden gems in those stories, beautiful gifts that we miss.  To change a life does not always mean to change the story. Sometimes it means to discover the gift and see what it is you bring to your life.

You are a series of footprints in the sand. The world you walk through is an imprint of you just like your footprints are imprinted into the sand. A tree casts a shadow when the sun shines and the shadow is in the image of the tree. So you can be known and can know yourself also.

All happenings in your life have made you who you are. Your inner nature stood up within those happenings to become everything beautiful, strong and courageous in you.

Those things that are small, sad, alone and angry are places where you are out of alignment with your deeper nature.

I bring transformation

When we are out of alignment our focus tends to be on what is wrong. Our world shrinks and becomes limited and painful. In some ways it is like a camera focus zooming in on the subject to get a clearer picture. What that does though is create our lives with the focus around what is painful and limiting.

We need to resolve the conflict so that the focus can once again come from the natural part within rather than be subject fixated.

What I Do

I use my skills to help people through avenues of personal development, spiritual awareness and assisting people who have mental/emotional health issues.

Mental Health

I have developed a new perspective on Mental Health. I originally created this process to assist me in understanding the specific problems I was working with and in conjunction with figuring out what were the next steps I had to take. People who have taken the process and in turn teach it, say it is simple and intuitive. I call it White Board Work or Accipio.

As I see it, there is a stigma attached to mental and emotional well being because it is not understood. A broken leg or arm does not raise questions. It is healed. We move on.  A mind and a heart can be healed also. It is a simple matter of restoring connections.

The experience of trauma is like having a bomb go off in the inside of a person and many parts feel torn. Some describe it as having glass shards inside.

I have figured out how a lot of this goes together but there is still much to be done. As a collective, together, we will figure it all out. We all need healing and we all have something to bring to this new work.


(Image Above: Image by 【微博/微信】愚木混株 【Instagram】cdd20 from Pixabay)

Personal Development

Stress is created when we have unprocessed emotional and mental information. Most people are unaware of the emotional communications that occur as a natural part of living. People in front line work or first responders such as police, paramedics, firefighters and rescuers are processing intense situations and have overwhelming emotional experiences. Some of this is theirs from their reactions. Some of it is experiencing another persons’ or people’s emotions as well. We are not taught how to process this information.

People who live in homes with high stress are also people who have the same emotional load to process.

Everything in life reaches to be more. When we are under-challenged it creates negative stress in our lives. This shows up when we are doing work that is less than we are capable of, living a life that is underwhelming to us, for instance.

When life is more than we are able to deal with, this too brings stress. It is also a negative stress.

Personal development is about removing those beliefs created from the experiences in our lives that keep us in under challenging or overwhelming places in our lives. It is also learning how to handle situations that hold us back. We need new skills for instance, or a support system. Deep to that it is connecting to your own person-hood and what you bring into the world, your personal gift.

Spiritual Development

Some people would like to further their inner lives.  I use various methods such as the Whiteboard work,  Koans and Meditation Walks. As we walk forward each of us in our own lives, the path unfolds before us. Learning to recognize the signposts is helpful. Ultimately it is the path toward peace and compassion as the barriers of misinformation are understood and removed or let go if you will. Peace and love are our natural states. We merely let go of that which is unnecessary. We no longer hold ourselves apart from those who suffer because we can feel another’s pain and still hold peace within us.

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