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I Am Ready to Follow My Path: A Celebration

I can celebrate my flaws, my mistakes, my past moments and my future moments. I can celebrate my journey. All the moments of my life leading up to this one right now, right here where I have this amazing feeling inside. This is the point to which I’ve now

I am a goddess and I celebrate myself.
I am loose, free-flowing, comfortable in my own skin.
I am Woman.
I am Power.
I am Beauty.
I embrace myself.

I can celebrate other people’s journeys too.

The journey of my friend who decided it was time to heal herself once and for all. For my friend who could never really accept that he was going to die even when all the signs were there, who couldn’t stop fighting hanging onto life till the very end?

I can celebrate him and perception of optimism and happiness he tried desperately to claim as his own, all the while is really being a mask for his pain hidden from view. I can celebrate people in my life who bring me conflict as they are there to teach me something about myself. I can celebrate the 3 beautiful lives I birthed into this world all on my own and the power I felt in that. The visions of their births that played themselves out to the tee, catching my third babe in my own hands just as I had envisioned. I can celebrate the love I have for my friends and family and the love they have for me.

I live in ecstasy and I am most definitely worthy of love and everything the world has to offer.
Wealth, health, experiences, connection, travel.

I can celebrate the mistakes I make

and especially the mistakes others make in trying to find their own way. I can celebrate and forgive all the people who have caused me pain over the years as part of their own journey intertwined with mine. I can celebrate my dreams and passions. Living in the moment. I celebrate my anger and frustration. The tantrums and fighting of my children because they have strong will and power and strength and passion and they too are on their journey through life. A journey all their own. Just as everyone here is.



I can see each person as a miracle

And the things that are a part of them. I celebrate my interactions with everyone and everything. I’m finding out I have more courage and light than I ever imagined. I’m friends with amazing inspiring people with new friendships blossoming almost daily. I’m saying yes to life. Yes to the adventure. I’m ready for the loss now. Even the pain. I am worth it and so is my life.

I’m ready for my life and where it will take me.

I follow the opportunities thrown in my path and the people brought into my view. They are leading me in new and exciting places. Healing myself along the way. I’ve had more fun doing more things than I have for a long, long time. By myself, with my kids, my husband and family and with old and new friends. The doors are opening before me. I can see them blowing open in the distance bringing me somewhere I never even knew existed. I am ready to follow my path and my destiny. I can feel it coming.

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