May 9, 2019

A Word Called Courage

March 27, 2019

Work Circle Sheets (Accipio)

Lives Reborn
March 25, 2019

Lives Reborn with Laura Montes

Life is the value
March 15, 2019

Life is the value, but we place our value in money instead

Quantum Psychology
A Quantum Psychology and the Bridge
(Above: The bridge between minds (skeeze on Pixabay)     The Bridge Between the Two Halves of the Brain From my
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I Had a Psychological Death
(Above: In the world of the dead (geralt on Pixabay)   It almost became a physical death. I had no
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Mysteries of the Koans
Looking at the world around me, I saw a pattern of atoms. The sun, the moon, and the earth were
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The Birthplace of New Thinking
It starts with a question. It always does. My discovery began with a question too, and a need to heal
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Giving Freely
When something is given freely from the bounty of under­standing, from one’s inner wealth without thought of return, then it
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Poverty is not remedied by money though it helps the immediate need. Mother Teresa said being unloved was the greatest
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Our Heritage
 Our deepest humanity binds each one of us to every other person in the world. Yet
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I Made a Decision
I met a woman whose story, whose situation changed my life. It could have been different for her. It would
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Lion King
The Lion King
Gateway to Hidden Mysteries: The Lion King Simba is born – a future king. He is cherished in the kingdom.
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Being Simply Free
I had an epiphany last week. I realized that the problems people have are from the loss of self. I
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