February 23, 2019

Letting Go

February 15, 2019

Management, Leadership and You

February 14, 2019

The Daily Practice of Freedom

February 4, 2019

The Power of Creation Steps into your Life

Being Simply Free
I had an epiphany last week. I realized that the problems people have are from the loss of self. I
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How I Survived PTSD
People did not know about narcissism when I was young and PTSD was something war veterans had. I grew up
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Heroes without capes
Call Your Momma Over a year ago I read an article "Call Your Momma" by Gabriel Jesus in the Players'
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Climbing the Mountain
When you call out to the greater in you and your passion is fierce and strong, that passion or yearning
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I have seen what trauma does to people. It robs you of your friends, your life and your future. Many
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The Shapes Teaching
THE SHAPES TEACHING It's a simple name. It says what it is. I needed to explain to people how we
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Your Prayer and Your Life
Your Prayer and Your Life The dialogue or the Gaze of the God in you, is a deep intimacy with
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Lifestyle Brands
In a recent blog post "Being Simply Free" I talked about having and being self - owned. From our culture
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In Eternity
I can never die because all the people I have known, the people who have seen me and the people
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The two kingdoms
Two Paths   Jesus teachings were about the way of heaven and God. I see it as the teachings of
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