Two Kingdoms

The two kingdoms

Two Paths  Jesus teachings were about the way of heaven and God. I see it as the teachings of spirit which is known to us by the heart. Only

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Second Look

A larger context

Introduction More and more as I work with people who come from Christian backgrounds I find they have a conflict with the organization of Christianit

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Letting Go

Where does the unlearning begin? Well imagine you have built a house and you did it from what you saw someone do once. You listened to people whom

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I Made a Decision

I met a woman whose story, whose situation changed my life. It could have been different for her. It would have been a simple fix. How can these th

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The Shapes Teaching

THE SHAPES TEACHING It's a simple name. It says what it is. I needed to explain to people how we aquire information, our karmas, patterns, genetics

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What I require from you: This work is exceptionally effective. I require you to give 100% of your effort and attention.It is not acceptable to me if

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