• Free Circle for PTSD


I am looking for volunteers to participate in a program to reduce anxiety and issues associated with PTSD. I have had some success in these areas as I used to have panic attacks and PTSD. I no longer have these issues.

Each program will be three people in a group setting using the Zoom Webinar platform.

I am looking for two groups, one with audio and a photo. The second is video, audio and with a photo. The video group will not start until approximately April 2019. The audio group will start around Feb 01 2019.

I ask a lot of questions with the purpose of revealing and releasing conflict (crossed wires**). The process is a bit like lancing an infected wound. There is no therapy involved, though I will explain what is happening as I go through the process.

** Trauma disrupts and causes confusion between our experience, our perception, and our understanding. This is the root cause of the pain. Please read the articles on PTSD for a deeper understanding.


  • I require a short interview to assess the suitability for the online program.
  • I may need you to have a partner to sit in the sessions with you. Whoever you choose you should feel good with and trust. I would need to interview your partner as well.
  • You (and your partner if required) would need to be available twice a week for one month (total of 8 sessions).
  • You need to sign a waiver giving us permission to record the sessions and use the recorded sessions compiled for presentations both on Youtube and on adeephumanity.com website and other public viewings.
  • Please read the Shapes Teaching. Click Here.

What I do bring:

My qualifications:

I had a breakthrough many years ago that allowed me to understand the impact of trauma on the psyche and what needs to happen for healing.

I have been working with people since 2005. There are testimonials on my website where people share how I have helped them overcome their emotional pain and fear (anxiety).

You can read the two articles that I have written regarding my own experience with PTSD. The source of my PTSD was having a narcissistic parent.

Short articles regarding PTSD and recovery:

  1. Surviving PTSD
  2. I Made a Decision

Statement of My Intent:

The suffering caused by PTSD and the impact of it is profound on the quality of life. Yet because I felt inadequate having no degrees, I have held back from sharing how I healed my PTSD. Due to some recent experiences, I can no longer stand by and watch people suffer when I might make a difference, nor is it acceptable the best we can hope for is to cope. This needs to change.


I do not have any medical or therapy training.

If you are interested or have questions, please fill out the following form. Thanks.