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Uncover your potential: two one hr sessions or 1 month dedicated intensive.


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Stories Unveiled

A new way to look at and interpret stories.

Elana Hernon

I am a nature person loving the morning sun, new green leaves and beach sand under my feet. I love the Mojave Desert, the quiet of a black night at 4am, stars, and silence. I love all colors, seeing people release old stuff and a new light come to their eyes. I love dancing, singing, Christmas songs and the smell of pine trees on a snowy day. I just love everything!

Well, about the physical details...I was born April 24 1961 in Valois, Quebec. I lam a bit of a gypsy, or boho. I am self taught in a lot of areas, did some college in Retail Management and studied Massage Therapy. I used to read a lot when I was 20 - 30, now more specialized. I know what I am looking for, mostly in patterns and although I'd love to read for pleasure alone, I do not do as much as I should. I am also an artist and do beading from time to time. That's about it!

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Two Session Package

This package is designed to uncover the issues and blocks preventing your potential from blossoming so that you have a clarity and a deep understanding of why your life is the way it is and give you some tools to use to bring change into your world. I will give you an outlay (program) for you to use to keep yourself on track. The second session is a follow up where I help you with any questions that have since come up and to talk about what is happening and not happening for you since your first session. These two sessions are two to three weeks apart.

These are programs for you to follow, for you to do a lot of your own work. Unless in rare circumstances, due to the nature of the program people are limited to one course over a 9 month period. It is C$300.00 for the two sessions and are approximately 2 to 3 hours combined.

Please contact me at connect@adeephumanity.com for more information.

One Month Intensive

The one month intensive is a customized program. If you want my undivided attention for your situation, this is the program to choose. I give far more attention and guidance here and will work with your time availability. I spend a great deal of time reflecting your situation and will tend to the issues as if they were my own and suggest solutions and options

There are 4 sessions once a week and follow up calls in between. I have greater availability to take calls outside of the normal sessions if you have pressing ideas you want to sort out.

The price is C$5000.00

Please contact me at connect@adeephumanity.com for more information.


Danielle Blackwell
I had no idea who I was, but I was in such deep pain and turmoil that I needed answers and healing quickly. I was so resistant and stuck at the beginning and have been so many times in between. Ellie has loved me compassionately through it all anyway, never giving up on me yet standing back leaving me to do my own work. Full Length Facebook Review
Shannon Remi Eskow
This is the most powerful life transforming work I have ever seen and experienced. There is so much more to our stories and lives, so much potential to be realized. For myself, in a short amount of time, I changed the most deep-rooted fears in myself and gained the most amazing insight into who I am, and how to live from the place of my heartfelt self, to realizing what it really means to be ALIVE. Truly has to be experienced to fully understand the power, your power and your transformation.
Terri Kreacker
November 01, 2018
I have worked with Ellie for many years. I can not begin to tell you how profound she is and what a difference she has made in my life. I feel blessed to have found her and worked with her. I look forward to seeing where my life will go in the near future. She is a true gem!

Speaking Engagements

I am passionate about working with people! Whether you are looking for a fun and lighthearted topic, or prefer me to talk about the details, the hows and whys of how patterns work, just let me know!.

I began sharing this work around 2004. Years ago when I was in my 20's I had wanted to study a cross between sociology and psychology and was told these two disciplines were not connected. How can the mind and heart not be connected? I began my own studies and the result is what I do today, a type of thinking, a new kind of language that shares our deepest insights, our profound selves within the story of our lives. It is a bridge between the left and right hemispheres, a link between the art of living and the art of being.

Each life is like a tree and we each cast a shadow. But if you cannot see the tree, the shadow is only a series of patterns on the ground. By seeing the tree and shadow in the same picture, life begins to take on a whole new meaning and we then have a deep sense of clarity and peace!

Our lives are fixable. So is the world.

Contact me for more information! mailto:connect@adeephumanity.com

Compassion and our Humanity

I think there should be a word called "inscend" because the self should not be transcended at all. The self is the house of our truly great gifts, our deepest passions, our most noble gestures, everything full of awe and magnificence. Dive into who you truly are and come up on the other side both free, empowered and living your greatest potential!

The Work (Elana's Articles)

Here are a few articles about the type of work it is and the kinds of patterns used in story to both understand story and how our psyche's use story both as a direction method or template, and as an expression of our joys and conflicts.

Stories Unveiled

Did you know...

Jake is cast out after his betrayal and is not allowed to use the avatar body. In a sense he is held prisoner in the mundane world and has to fight to get back into his Avatar body. Once he engages the dreaming body he has to return to the scene of his betrayal and make good. He knows he has to find Toruk, Last Shadow, and become a Toruk Makto, which according to Avatar, is the rider of the last shadow The Last Shadow, what a wonderful name for the 1st and last betrayal that must be overcome.

The Avatar story has a very clear understanding and recognition of betrayal as the original disgrace that needs fixing. In a way in your world you are also outcast, betrayers, standing in the place the eye cannot see. How do you heal this deep betrayal and what exactly have you done? It reminds me here of Judas and how connected Judas and Jesus are and perhaps they are the same person in the same way Scar and Mufasa are the same.

Earlier I said “There is a struggle to return in his Avatar body. Symbolically you have to acknowledge where you have sold out your dreams and betrayed a true and real life and then if you are brave and courageous, you have to do something about it.”

You rarely know where your first betrayal was. You can find threads of it if you find places that don’t make sense, decisions you made that you thought you had to make at the time because it seemed as if there were no options really. These are good places to start and if you follow them they will lead you to the place where the first betrayal happened. By the time you come to the place of the first betrayal, you are looking at the world in a very different way. It is no longer what someone did to you; it was about where you lost your connection to the source. It was where you first caved.

When you are separated from love, how can you be seen? Once all fear has been conquered then you are in the place where the eye can see. You are seen and you are loved. Judas is healed in Jesus, Scar is healed in Mufasa.

Star Charts in Stories

The genetic codes in our psyches give birth not only to beautiful and empowered movies to watch, but it is also a doorway. It is a Star Chart that allows us to see what we need to do to enter and live in the dimension shared in the movie. In other words, it shows to way to create that reality for yourself. You can live it.