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Two – one hr sessions or 1 month intensive.


Weekend Retreats for Deeper Connections.


A new way to look at and interpret stories.


Available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics.

Entertaining, informative and fun!


Coming this year! Online modules for personal learning with series of videos and available downloads.

Special Offers

Volunteers needed to participate in a program for online Youtube sessions. (See Laura Montes in Lives Reborn.)

Danielle Blackwell
I had no idea who I was, but I was in such deep pain and turmoil that I needed answers and healing quickly. I was so resistant and stuck at the beginning and have been so many times in between. Ellie has loved me compassionately through it all anyway, never giving up on me yet standing back leaving me to do my own work. Full Length Facebook Review
Shannon Remi Eskow
This is the most powerful life transforming work I have ever seen and experienced. There is so much more to our stories and lives, so much potential to be realized. For myself, in a short amount of time, I changed the most deep-rooted fears in myself and gained the most amazing insight into who I am, and how to live from the place of my heartfelt self, to realizing what it really means to be ALIVE. Truly has to be experienced to fully understand the power, your power and your transformation.
Terri Kreacker
November 01, 2018
I have worked with Ellie for many years. I can not begin to tell you how profound she is and what a difference she has made in my life. I feel blessed to have found her and worked with her. I look forward to seeing where my life will go in the near future. She is a true gem!
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Speaking Engagements
Speaking Engagements
Speaking Engagements
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